I did this a few months ago, I shared 10 Fun Facts about myself….you can go find them on my blog…. But here are 10 MORE!

fun facts 210 Fun Facts:

    1. I was born in Phoenix Arizona but my family didn’t live around that area too long. I only remember we had a pool in our house in Scottsdale.
    2. I love hearts in case you can’t tell – they are in my logos, signage, home office, book, website and I try to wear a heart pendant of some kind when I go out; I have all sizes and colors.
    3. I now have to wear glasses to read the computer (boo hoo) and most print under 14 point font.
    4. I met my current and fabulous husband Jason on eHarmony and when in that process I developed a SYSTEM for finding your man, it’s called the Online Dating Program for Women Over 40!
    5. I used to sell stuff door-to-door before I was married to my “starter husband”, for 9 months, in the hot heat or cold wet winter!
    6. I give back to charities, mostly those around Cancer or Animal Rescues. One time I donated $50,000 at a live auction event that won me a chance to go to Chicago and meet Oprah’s radio show producer and go to a couple tapings of her TV show. I inadvertently got a guest spot while there on the Law of Attraction Radio Show on the Oprah and Friends Radio Network too!
    7. I used to cut class in high school and sneak off to Lake Berryessa, then seemed to ace my tests; I was a pretty good student but got bored.
    8. I was one of 17 founding members of a “local sorority” on my college campus called Sigma Omega Chi. We didn’t feel like the other sororities were a “good fit” so we created our own and it’s still alive today although a national sorority took it over. Plus we usually kicked butt in the Greek Games each year too.
    9. I have served on one Board before, the Sacramento Chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners.
    10. I ran for Woman of the Year for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society one year and held fundraising events that raised over $10,000!

There you go, enjoy. Maybe I’ll post more later too!


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  1. Jean Kay

    I enjoyed reading about you. Very interesting. My son was the Honoured Hero for BC last year for the Lymphoma Leukemia Society and his team raised over $11,000. I hope they find a cure for CLL soon.


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