Bright Shiny Object Syndrome is anything that keeps you from focusing on your immediate goals and the tasks that need to be completed to reach your goals.

Today I want to talk to you about Bright Shiny Object Syndrome. It’s a serious problem that many people deal with, even me sometimes.

Let me give you a real-world example of what I’m talking about. Are you a Starter but not a Finisher? Do you get GREAT IDEAS and start projects only to lose your momentum for what you started because you are excited about the next new project? Do you jump from idea to idea without finishing your projects? Once the project is finished, do you leave it without monetizing it? If you’ve answered yes, you are someone who is afflicted with Bright Shiny Object Syndrome.

Many people get distracted and invest their time and money in the newest training they’ve heard about. There’s nothing wrong with investing in yourself and learning new skills. The problem occurs when you are investing in something that will not help you where your business is now. Many people lose their focus, invest in training, and then lose interest in that because it’s doing nothing to generate income at the time they invested in it.

Sure, things come up and roadblocks can get in the way of your progress in reaching your goals. But don’t let that lead to procrastination in working on the things you really need to get done! SQUIRREL!

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I want to give you a quick tip today about your working environment – your Office Space. This is especially for those of you who work from home.

office spaceAre you finding it difficult to focus? Are you finding it difficult to be productive? Are you sure that you know the things you should be focusing on every day or every week in your business, so you can get more leads and make more money?

If any of these things resonate with you – this video is especially for you!

Your work environment should be pleasing to the eye. Make it FUN! Make it fit your personality. Take a look at my work space in the video to get a better idea of what I’m talking about. Notice the artwork behind me – the BIG heart that has LIVE BIG text on it. That has been my logo for my Mastermind since 2009 when I launched my first event – my LIVE BIG EVENTS!  Living Big is something I REALLY stand for.

I have things in my office to keep me motivated and focused.  My priorities are top of mind. Your office space should be clean, neat, and organized – even if your work area is a bit cluttered WHILE you are working.

I’m sharing more examples of how I’ve configured my office space to keep myself productive and motivated. Click the video below to learn about “Creating a Productive and Inviting Office Space.”

So have fun creating a more productive office space of your own!


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Let’s face it, as an entrepreneur we have all kinds of ideas all the time. It’s a curse and a blessing. But often times those ideas distract us from what we need to stay focused on each and every day in order to keep the cash flowing into our business.

It’s pretty common also for entrepreneurs to have some level of ADD or ADHD. Although I’ve never been diagnosed, I’m sure I’ve got some level of one of those!

Therefore, we have to constantly find ways to stay focused, keep on track with our plan for growth in our business and revenue generation while keeping an eye on the big picture plan and vision and where else we can take our business. It’s a lot to manage every day right?

I know for a lot of my coaching clients this is a topic we have to cover often so I wanted to share 7 ways I help clients (and myself too) become more productive that hopefully can help you as well.

7 Ways to become more productive in your life and your business:

  1. Work off a good calendar system that can help you track your time, plot time slots out for different activities and one that you can use anywhere you are to save time.
  2. Track your time for one week solid on everything you do, personally and professionally, and see where you’re wasting time, could get rid of things you’re doing, delegate or automate some things you’re doing, etc.
  3. Set goals for yourself each day, week and month on what you plan to accomplish (see below).
  4. Have your big vision in mind each day so do whatever you have to do daily to make sure that stays on top of mind with you so that you stay focused and get distracted less.
  5. Find an accountability buddy (or coach) or someone who supports what you’re doing in your business fully to stay in touch with however often you need them too – daily, weekly or monthly perhaps but that may be too long.
  6. Unsubscribe from emails and lists that are slowing you down and not contributing to either your enhanced learning, implementing, taking action or accountability. Or have them redirect into a folder you won’t see every day and you can look at when you have time. But don’t let daily emails distract you from the tasks at hand.
  7. Have a marketing and business plan that you’re working from so you know WHERE and HOW to spend your time each day, week, or month. If you don’t have a plan or know EXACTLY what to do, reach out and get a coach who can help you with this FIRST!

Copy these to a Word document now and set up YOUR TIME MANAGEMENT SYSTEM and COMMITMENTS. 

  1. Each week I will spend ________ hours working ON my business which will include marketing activities, marketing and business planning, implementation, sales calls and lead generation. This will NOT include bookkeeping, data entry, graphic or web design or anything else that could be done by someone else for less than my time costs and/or who would be better at the task anyway. I have plotted the time on my calendar to make sure this happens.
  2. I will prioritize my tasks so that the MOST IMPORTANT ones get done first and I will only put on my To Do List those things that I can successfully accomplish during the time allotted.  ______ (initial here)
  3. Each month I will spend ________ hours learning new things (pertinent to my immediate growth) to expand my knowledge base and my business and I have plotted the time on my calendar to make sure this happens.
  4. Each month I will spend ________ hours just for ME and I have plotted the time on my calendar to make sure this happens.
  5. Each month I will spend ________ hours for my family and friends and I have plotted the time on my calendar to make sure this happens.

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This is a topic that will be helpful for you actually regardless of whether you travel for business or pleasure.  Now I don’t work in the travel industry and never have but I’ve learned first hand on what makes your life a lot more efficient and manageable when traveling due to my increased travel lifestyle.

calendarYou see, every year now I travel typically about 10 times.  That may seem like a lot for some but for others it could be what you do in the first quarter.  Usually I’m traveling inside the U.S. but for the purposes of this article it doesn’t really matter where you go; it can be driving out of town for a three day getaway or spending a week or more at a business trip or on vacation.  There are a few things that I’ve made sure to make it a practice to do now when I travel to make things run smoother, allow me to have a more stress-free time and so that I don’t forget anything or come back to my office in chaos.

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As a small business owner you’re probably doing a ton of things yourself in your business – some you need to do but some also that maybe you shouldn’t be doing, right?

computerIn talking with hundreds of entrepreneurs every month I find that the majority of them (you/us) struggle with our email inboxes…they’re overflowing right?

You’re either:

  • Overwhelmed with email and your inbox
  • Feeling like you’re tied to it or it follows you around (on your smart phone)
  • Confused on how to organize it better – the flow, the emails you need, the spam, etc.
  • Ignoring it all together
  • Wondering how you can ever take a vacation (or a couple days off) and NOT check in
  • Or you’ve got it down and thoroughly organized like a well-oiled machine

Well, if you’re NOT in the situation of the very last point then you may be interested to know a few things you can do to better manage your emails and inbox.  After all, you’re wasting hours a month deleting and sorting through emails you don’t even need to show up in the first place.

The following are 4 tips I suggest to better manage your emails:

  1. Sort and organize your emails – Use the rules option in your mailbox feature to send specific emails into their own folders in your inbox to start.
    • I send all the emails from my team (various VAs) to one folder so I can hammer out responses all at one time every hour or couple hours or so as it fits my time schedule.
    • I send all my email newsletters (the ones I do want to keep) to a newsletter folder in my inbox to read when I have time.  Guess what?  Rarely do I ever have time nor do I miss them!
    • I send all emails from particular people like my own coach, my mastermind or other group I may be a part of to their own respective folders to keep them organized and my main inbox less cluttered.

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This week I’ve been furiously putting the final touches on my new product entitled The Ultimate Marketing Follow Up System for Entrepreneurs and Independent Sales Professionals.

Sound like something you could use? Do you always get to your own follow up or do you have business cards sitting in piles on your desk waiting for you to get to?

This new product has email templates, samples and direct mail follow up letter samples and templates that will make your life soooo much simpler; plus it has a whole bunch of other resources but most importantly it will show you HOW TO DEVELOP YOUR EASY TO IMPLEMENT FOLLOW UP SYSTEM!

This is huge, because when your ‘system’ is ‘in your head’, you can’t ever delegate it right? So, watch out for the launch of this Ultimate Marketing Follow Up System coming THIS MONTH!

Focusing ON your business, rather than just IN it?

Where do you do your best, most productive work?
Where do you come up with the BIG IDEAS?
Where do you find it’s easist for you to IMPLEMENT those big ideas?

A couple years ago, I thought it was just me. Just me who procrastinated those things I didn’t want to do or didn’t know how to do. Just me who got distracted with the dog in my face, my own personal needs (working out, massage, getting my nails done, shopping, etc.) or friends calling to get together.

Do these things sound familiar to you? If it’s not procrastination, why are you stuck? What do you think is holding you back from really focusing and being hugely successful?

There could be many things but unless you actually take the time to sit quietly and think about it all – how will you know or figure it out so you can fix it?

I’m thankful that I’ve taken the time in the last couple years to really work on myself and my business. Because not only have I gotten a lot more clear on what it is that I’m doing, where I want to go and who I want to help along the way but I also nearly have NO stress or guilt in my life now.

No stress because I’ve learned to “just believe”.

  • Believe that what I want, will happen or come about.
  • Believe in abundance, that there are enough clients, money and success for me AND for all my friends/competitors in the industry. I don’t need to worry.
  • Believe in sharing and connecting people to those that will really be able to make a huge impact on them.
  • Believe that by sharing and giving, I will receive; and I will receive plenty.
  • Believe that when a potential client doesn’t ‘feel right’ to let them go; other better clients will come along in their place.
  • Believe that I will have it all.
No guilt because I’ve learned:
  • To let things go
  • To give up control on the things that I don’t need to be doing myself
  • To live life as I want to live it because I deserve it
  • To delegate and trust others to help and support me
  • To keep learning and improving my knowledge and expertise
  • To give as much as I can
  • To believe and be open to what’s possible

From what I’ve seen over the last couple years working with budding entrepreneurs, seasoned entrepreneurs and those entrepreneurs making HUGE amounts of money and living the life of their dreams – with ease; they have all mastered this mindset.

I hope that you will take a moment to STOP and think.

  • Think about what you’re doing with your life, your business (your family).
  • What you want to be doing that you’re not doing in your life, your business (your family)?
  • What is ONE step you can take towards those ideas and goals for all – your life, your business (your family)?
Keep it simple, do one thing now.

Then, if you want to put a plan together on how to accomplish all of the things you want to do or change and what you have to do or delegate to get there – then I urge you to take action with me. This is exactly what I do with my clients. I take them from where they are now to where they want to be in easy, manageable, implementable prioritized steps. It’s easier than you think but often times we need someone not so close to us to help pull it out of us. I want to motivate you and help you get to where you really want to be this year – let me help you.

-Kat Out.

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Why do we always insist on doing it all?

I can’t tell you how many clients and other business owners I see every month who continue to believe that THEY have to DO IT ALL.

I learned this lesson a couple years ago. When I hired my first assistant I thought I had to hire “an employee” so I got the insurance, worker’s comp, payroll service and put an ad out.

I didn’t even know what I could pay or for how many hours mind you at this time, I just knew in order to get more successful and get more business quicker – I needed someone to help me do the things that were slowing me down.

So I found my first “employee”, paid the payroll, taxes, etc. It was all relatively easy.

Unfortunately that employee ran his course and I soon needed someone with additional talents and skills. So I (being the connector that I am) found that employee another job with a client of mine and hired a different employee for myself with added skills that I needed to get me to my next step.

That second employee was so good in fact that she got hired out from under me to work full time in a great job. I wished her well because it was ideal for her but then I was stuck again and back on the hamster wheel, doing it all myself.

I was introduced to a temp agency who could have someone come and work in my home or from their home if need be for certain projects. I hired someone from the temp agency who worked out very well. She had another small business of her own and she did other work for other professionals as well. She brought many ideas to the table for me and challenged me to work more ON my business and let her work IN it. She took on client projects and research projects plus other things that I really didn’t need to be doing. I in turn was able to network more, follow up more and got a lot more new clients and referrals after this.

After this temp gal ran her course I was so used to someone working “virtually” for me, from her home or from mine depending on the day or project that I wasn’t sure I wanted someone to come back into my home office space again. This is when I learned about Virtual Assistants – what a concept! They do my work from their home and it gets done efficiently and successfully.

I now have 3 Virtual Assistants and looking to hire one more. One who does all my bookkeeping, manages my shopping cart sales and my QuickBooks, one who does all my data entry for all the business cards I collect out networking and they also do any mailers that need to go out to my list. The third VA is my right hand gal – she does everything I can think of. Anything that comes across my desk that needs to be signed up for, looked into, opportunities that need investigating plus she handles my whole membership program (Marketing Mentor Program) – new sign ups, cancellations, email blasts, website updates and so much more! I couldn’t think about doing this alone anymore and I am no longer on the hamster wheel!!

I realize it’s hard to figure out how and what to outsource at first because you think you are the only one that can do certain things.

But I can tell you – every single client I consult with in my 1-On-1 Marketing Planning Meeting or any call or consult really – I urge and recommend outsourcing 1-8 things! There is always a way – you sometimes just need to be SHOWN the way.

Once you do this you will be able to step off that hamster wheel more often than not and you will have so much more free time to do the things that you LOVE TO DO, be with the clients you LOVE working with, be able to develop new products and services and figure out ways to leverage your time and expertise to make you more M.O.N.E.Y. with less effort and less time.

Isn’t that the goal?

Let me help you figure out how to get off that hamster wheel and get more clients and experience more success faster – let’s do it now!

–Kat Out

© Copyright 2008 K. Sawa MarketingWANT TO USE THIS ARTICLE IN YOUR E-ZINE OR WEB SITE? You can, as long as you include this complete blurb with it: Katrina Sawa is known as The JumpStart Your Biz Coach because she literally kicks her clients and their businesses into high gear. She works with highly motivated women entrepreneurs that want to maximize and fast-track their business to make more money and enjoy more free time. Katrina uses online and offline Relationship Marketing Systems & Strategies to leverage your resources, contacts and your expertise; plus she kicks you in the butt to implement it all too! Get her Free Tips, Free Audio & Free Report online at!

I realize that when you first started your business you may not have thought about EVERYTHING that would be involved with running a successful business, right?

You had a passion and interest in a particular product or service that you could offer and that you believed others would want. But there’s a LOT more to running a successful business than what meets the eye.

Here are some very common mistakes I see my clients and others I meet making every month in their businesses. The ones who end up being successful are the ones who REALIZE this and take steps to FIX their issues.

What mistakes are YOU making?

1. Not marketing to everyone you know
2. Not having a consistent follow up marketing system
3. Being afraid of networking and not learning how to overcome it
4. Thinking if they build it, they will come
5. Cutting back on marketing first when times are tough
6. Lack of understanding of what types of marketing will work for their business and what won’t
7. Planning too much and not DOING anything
8. Giving up too soon
9. Not estimating enough start up costs and expenditures
10. Letting their own opinions about marketing get in the way of what they decide to do to market their business
11. Thinking they can do it all themselves and need to
12. Not asking for help
13. Spending too much time on things that are not making them money
14. Not getting professional help from the start with certain aspects of their business
15. Compromising quality and professionalism to save money
16. Not really knowing and understanding their target market
17. Not knowing their competition or following them too closely without knowing if what they’re doing is working or not
18. Making decisions in their marketing based on what types of marketing THEY like or don’t like to be targeted with
19. Not continually learning about new techniques and practices
20. Not keeping up with technology to better build your business
21. Thinking that marketing = expensive

What are YOU going to do about the ones you identify with?
I hope this gives you some things to think about. Remember, to get a plan in order so you DON’T end up making these common mistakes and to get a more specific and targeted approach to your marketing and business growth I’m happy to sit down with you in a 1-on-1 Planning Meeting. I recently changed the format of these meetings by the way, now you get 3 meetings, each 2 weeks apart from each other so you can better implement the strategies we discuss – all for one price! Go to to find out more.

Do you have a question you want an answer to??

Submit it online to me right now!

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–Kat Out !