Those who attended my Live Big Event earlier this month got 3 intensive training days learning what to do to Jumpstart Your Biz in a Weekend! Seriously, live events are a lot of work and those of you who do them will likely agree.

But I have to tell you that I leave these events energized because I see how much my attendees love this interactive training and the opportunity to network with others.

There so much content packed into these events. Some attendees need to take BABY STEPS to turn their business around and make it a consistent, income producing business. Some need help creating a business that runs smoothly; one that still gives them an opportunity to enjoy their life. Wherever you are in your business, the intent is all the same. To give you the information, tools and steps to take to make more money doing what you love!

Attendees of my Live Big Events also LOVE the segments where I teach you how to create EASY YES OFFERS that convert! It’s so much fun for me to watch how quickly the audience becomes energized when we talk about making FAST CASH!

I can often see the light bulbs go off when my attendees have those “AH-HA” moments. I have to admit, I really LOVE what I do!

And members of my Live Big Mastermind enjoy a couple of days’ retreat that’s designed just for them following my Live Events. They find the investment of this additional time worthwhile because they can discuss in depth more topics and questions that have come up while they are at my Live Event as well as other business challenges they are having.

Click the video to view a recent Live Big Event Testimonial by Shirlene Reeves – attendee at my recent Jumpstart Your Biz in a Weekend Event.

If you’ve never attended one of my Live Events, I invite you to go to and look at the 2018 schedule of my upcoming Live Events. Many attendees return for additional training at subsequent Live Events because I’m constantly adding new and updated content.

Or, If you’d like to talk with me about all this and more in a complimentary business strategy session, just click here:

Here’s to Your Success!!


Katrina Sawa

The Jumpstart Your Biz Coach, Speaker &

Author of the book, Love Yourself Successful


“Showing You HOW to Make a LOT More Money Doing What You Love!”

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Want more Love & Money in your Life and in your Business?  Time is running out to register for my upcoming event on November 3, 4 and 5th in Sacramento! 

Today, Thursday, October 27th, is the very last day you can register because my event kicks off next week!

Who is This Event For:
Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Consultants, Speakers, Authors, Healers, Service Professionals, Non-Traditional Experts, and frustrated small business owners or start-ups who want to see better results from your marketing AND get a better overall business plan in place FAST.

love & money LIVEWho is Going to Be There & Why:
Join 60+ other entrepreneurs (and those just getting started) just like you who are tired of not making enough money in your business and want to finally figure out what to do, where to focus, how to develop products, programs and services that will sell and serve plus learn about the technology of it all, marketing, build your confidence and so much more.

Love & Money LIVE! is the PERFECT event for you to attend right now if you’re…

  • Not exactly where you want to be in your life or business
  • Not earning as much money as you thought you would be by now
  • Working much harder than you have to or want to
  • Maybe not even totally happy personally in one way or another – maybe your significant other isn’t as supportive as you’d like about you doing your own business, maybe your friends or family keep asking you why you keep spinning your wheels or maybe you’re lacking confidence in yourself to some extent and find it hard to keep up the faith every day
  • Tired, burned out or even down right discouraged about how your business is progressing

What Will You Learn at Love & Money LIVE! that you will NOT Learn Anywhere Else?

  • Learn my 33 Fast Cash Strategies & How to Make Easy YES Offers!
  • How to Change up Your Funnel So that You’re Super Clear on “what you are selling” and so is Everyone Else!
  • Learn About the 4 Types of LOVE Most Entrepreneurs Need to Focus On More!
  • How to Get Rid of Toxic People Holding You Back
  • Learn How to Transform Your Business Around the Kind of Life You Want to Live!
  • Learn Delegating Tips and Where to SAVE Money Each Month too
  • Finally Get All Your Questions Answered About Marketing, Business, What To Do & How to Do It!
  • See Which Systems Kat Recommends that Can Make Your Life Easier
  • Learn How to Finally Love Yourself More, Know You’re Worth It & Get Paid More!
  • Transform Any Negative Thoughts You Have About Money – making it, investing it, charging it
  • Get the ROADMAP to Guide You in Your Business for Years to Come!
  • Get Down & Dirty Training from 5-7 Amazing Speakers and Entrepreneurs Doing Awesome Things

Check out who’s speaking on love, money mindset, and more at this Event at

What else do you need to know? What are you waiting for?

We are nearly sold out…  

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If you are not able to attend my Love & Money LIVE! Event in November but need to talk to someone who can help you get a JumpStart to making better decisions so you can start making more money, I’d be happy to have a conversation with you. If you’d like to discuss YOUR Marketing or Business Plan I would love that. I offer a complimentary business strategy session that people DO get big clarity in, it’s not just a sales conversation I promise. I want to be a resource for you, help steer you in the right direction to make SMART MARKETING DECISIONS and NOT see you fail or have to go back and get a J.O.B. because you weren’t able to jumpstart your business fast enough….let me help you now! Sign up here –>> 

Looking forward to seeing you next week!  Talk to you Again Soon!



Katrina Sawa

The Jumpstart Your Biz Coach, Speaker &

Author of the book, Love Yourself Successful


“Kicking YOU and YOUR Business Into High Gear Making a LOT More MONEY Doing What
You LOVE!”

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Today I want to share with you ways of being prepared when you attend Live Events!  One HUGE mistake I’ve observed is that many people focus only on giving people their business card. WRONG!  Sure, give people your card if they ask for it but giving people your business card is NOT something you want to concentrate on doing.  You should be concentrating on RECEIVING other people’s business cards!

Now – what do you do with all of those cards?  Well, I talked about follow up in some of my recent videos and you really should go listen to those videos to know more about what you should actually be doing in your follow up from live events and networking events!

ways to make money during live eventsBut today, I’m talking about something different – I’m talking about being prepared to MAKE THE SALE!  To make and take MONEY when you are at Live Events. If you are a Coach, Consultant, an Author, a Speaker, or maybe you have a network marketing business, there’s probably something you can sell at a Live Event. It’s something you need to have on hand when you attend Live Events!  It’s an EASY YES OFFER!  The price point is less than $100.  The key is to be prepared to take money.

Sure you can accept cash or checks, but you NEED to be prepared to accept credit cards. Swipe attachments on your phone to accept credit cards is ok if you are selling jewelry or something like that. However, if you are an Author, a Coach, Consultant or a Speaker, you REALLY need a shopping cart and you need to have an Order Form!  Listen to the video to learn the various types of Order Forms you can create and have on hand and why this is a much better method than directing them to your website.

Keep the Order Form tucked away in your bag – it’s not something you are going to pass around like your business card.  But you need to have it ready if someone is a HOT PROSPECT! The EASY YES OFFER is the best way to go.


Check out the video below for more detail about the Ways to Make Money During Live Events!

Video Biz Tip: Ways to Make Money During Live Events!

You should come to one of my upcoming Live Events because this is where I really go DEEP with helping others create their EASY YES OFFER.  And it works!  Many of my clients have made money on the spot using this type of offer.  One of my clients at my July Live Big Event made $1,000 on the spot so I’ve seen in personal how powerful the EASY YES OFFER can be!

So come to one of my Live Events and learn this sales method!  My next Live Event is in November 2016 and it’s the Love & Money LIVE event.  It’s about getting more LOVE in your life and more MONEY in your business.  Go to to find out MORE and sign up!  If you don’t want to wait that long, I would love to work with you in a FREE strategy session ~ you’ll need to sign up for it here at . Or sign up on my email list for great tips. TAKE ACTION!  Go to

Now go MAKE SOME MONEY at Networking Events!

Talk you to again soon!



Katrina Sawa

The Jumpstart Your Biz Coach, Speaker &

Author of the book, Love Yourself Successful


“Kicking YOU and YOUR Business Into High Gear Making a LOT More MONEY Doing What You LOVE!”

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P.P.S. Are You Ready to jumpstart your business in a BIG WAY? Join me at one of my live events in 2016 – next one is in Novemeber! Go to for dates and info!  

Today’s Tip Should you Join a Mastermind or Hire a Mentor?

YES, if you hire the one that’s right for you and your learning style!

As a solopreneur, you are aware how you are alone in your office, right? You are alone to make decisions, to plan, to envision the big picture. You have to learn what you need to do to grow your business. You have to begin to know what you don’t know. Video Biz Tip mastermind videoThere are so many people out there who think they can get a business card printed, put up a website and they will make hundreds of thousands of dollars by suddenly becoming an entrepreneur. WRONG! It’s not that easy. A very small percentage of entrepreneurs may do well fresh out of the starting gate, but most do not.

Most entrepreneurs struggle because they don’t know:

  • How to manage their time effectively;
  • They don’t know where to focus their time and efforts;
  • They don’t know how to prioritize their activities.

Believe me, I’ve heard the horror stories from people who’ve invested in a mentor and didn’t get what they needed. But I will tell you that I’ve been in this business for over 14 years and that doesn’t happen when you hire me as your mentor. I know how important it is for my clients to get unlimited access to me in many of my coaching programs – WHY? Because that’s what they need!

Are you a Product Learner? Or can you learn effectively from a Group?

Can you listen to group calls, do the home study program and make progress with occasional 1on1 coaching call. If you are not a group learner, limited access to the expert who has the knowledge you need is NOT going to get you where you need to be.

Click the link below to hear more

If you are interested in having a conversation with me to see how I can help you and to learn if I’m a good fit for you, go to and complete the questionnaire. I’ll reply to you to schedule our call.

If you are looking for a great, supportive mastermind and a mentor who you can get access to, go to and review all of the benefits you’ll receive!

If a VIP Day is something that’s suits you better, let’s get together and schedule a day to plot out all of your plans. Go to for more information.

Your life can change if you get the RIGHT mentor. It’s about getting CLARITY ABOUT WHAT what you should be doing, getting the CONFIDENCE that you can do it and FINDING OUT HOW to do what you should be doing that will make all the difference.

I’d love to be your Cheerleader – let’s have a conversation soon!

Have a Great Day!


Katrina Sawa

The JumpStart Your Biz Coach


PS  Just an FYI: Even though it’s my birthday week and I’ve been working with clients all week, I’ve not as much time in the office as usual.

Join me in Edison, NJ on May 18th for a One Day Intensive at my Live Big Event in New Jersey.

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Discover HOW to create more abundance and joy in your life! Get tips from me and the other experts on the Your Abundant Mindset Summit panel, April 11-22nd.

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If you are in Las Vegas on April 13th,

come hear me speak about Marketing Basics for Consistent Cash Flow at the Events We Like – Las Vegas Chapter. Click here for more info

Today’s Tip – Key Things You Should be Doing When you are Networking!

Last week I explained why you should be networking more, what you need to be doing when you network and why it’s important to go to several events.  Today I’m going to talk about some key things you should be doing.  These are things I teach to my clients and with those who are in my Live Big Mastermind Group.

For those of you who have a hard time remembering all of the things you should be talking about when you meet someone at a networking event, here are some great tips.

screenshot video tip 03.24.16Create a Cheat Sheet. Write a list of all of the key things you need to remember to talk about while you are networking.  Read it before you go into the event.  Or if everyone is going around the room or table making introductions, just hold your cheat sheet while giving yours.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  I always have a list of the top three things I want to talk about when I go to a networking event because my topics are always changing.  For example, I might want to talk about a live event or a teleconference I’m participating in.  I might be promoting a free coaching call with me or I want to get speaking gigs and referrals.  Your cheat sheet or list will keep you on track.  Don’t just talk about what you DO, remember to ASK for what you NEED!  

Get the Follow UP Call or Meeting Scheduled.  If you never get to the follow up call, you are probably not going to be doing business with the people you’ve just met at networking events.  So try to schedule those “get to know you” calls while you are at the networking event.  This is how you’re going to learn more about how you can help each other.  Some of these calls will turn into prospects but you want to look at people as a referral source first.  Don’t come across as desperate and too salesy!

Work the Room.  You have to work the room.  Don’t talk to any one person too long. Try to learn as much as you can about them and get their contact information and move on.  You have to do more than just handing out your information.  Why?  Because it’s likely that nothing will be done with that information.  You can’t rely solely on your marketing materials to incite someone to follow up with you.  You have to get the other person’s contact information and take the initiative to follow up with them!


I love Networking and still teach all about it. Click here to review a variety of my training materials. Or come to one of my live events in Sacramento, the next one is in July – you’ll find the schedule here: You’ll also get some great tips by signing up on my email list or click here to schedule a strategy session with me.

Here’s to your success!



Katrina Sawa

The JumpStart Your Biz Coach



Find out all the details of my Live Big Events here:

Let me get my hands on YOUR business and I’ll show you how to JUMPSTART it and FAST!

PS – Come talk with me about this and more in a complimentary business strategy session by clicking here: Talk to you soon!

Today’s tip is this…Network in Person!

If you are not making enough money and don’t have enough clients, you’ve got to do something quick! The #1 most effective strategy when you need clients FAST is to go out and network with people, learn more about them and about their needs.

You may not be comfortable with networking initially but you’ll need to work on getting more comfortable so you can go out and network with others in person. If you want to build a business, you HAVE to be in a sales and marketing mode when you are talking to people. So do what you must to get over your being shy or uncomfortable when meeting or talking to new people. Networking is simply a skill that you can learn. Practice and you’ll get better at, without being salesy or pushy. You have to be able to work a room to pull out your leads and prospects, referral sources and yes, speaking opportunities!

My recommendations are:

  • Go to 3-5 networking events per week even if you have to travel to get there. You’ll find more people who are interested in you and what you have to offer if you meet them in person and talk to them.
  • Have an easy “yes” offer that is irresistible so people will purchase it on the spot to try you out.

I started my business initially by in person networking and following up and built it to
a high 5 figure business! I wasn’t doing online marketing at that time. But it’s still the most important thing you do today other than Speaking in front of an audience. If you are not networking, you are losing money!

screenshot video tip 03.24.16Remember when you are networking to:

  • have a brief statement ready if the other person asks what you do.
  • ask other people questions – dive deeper into what they do. Then ask what their biggest challenge is (in regard to what you do). This will give you an indication whether they might be a good prospect for you, maybe a good referral source or if they are in charge of a group, they might invite you to speak to their group.

I hope I’ve encouraged to get out there and network in person more. If you are looking for some inexpensive training on how to be as effective as you can while networking, click here to access my Tradeshow Toolkit, which is great for any type of event, including networking.

Speaker Bootcamp EventLogoFinal-small-1-300x150If you are trying to become a speaker and need help, I’ve got a great Event coming up on Apr 2-3 that covers everything you’ll need to know to be successful as a speaker. Check out my Speaker Success Bootcamp that’s on Apr 2-3 for all of the details but act quickly!

Here’s to your success!



Katrina Sawa

The JumpStart Your Biz Coach



Find out all the details of my Speaker Success Bootcamp happening April 2-3, 2016 here:

Let me get my hands on YOUR business and I’ll show you how to JUMPSTART it and FAST!

PS – Come talk with me about this and more in a complimentary business strategy session by clicking here: Talk to you soon!

Today I’m talking about when to do free vs. paid introductory offers and sessions in your business or your funnel plus how to create EASY YES offers too. I’m working on tweaking this right now with many of my clients…you’ve always got to tweak what you’re doing and keep shifting, especially when things get stagnant. Easy yes offers are offers you want to have available in many situations in your business such as:
  • when at networking events
  • when speaking to groups virtually or live
  • when exhibiting at a conference or with a vendor table anywhere
  • on radio show interviews and telesummits
  • your own free teleclasses and webinars
  • videos like the one below and more!

I share some pros and cons to doing both plus give you a couple examples and scenarios that could help you with this. Take a watch…

Oh and I’m seeing if a lot of you are REALLY PAYING ATTENTION OR NOT to my videos and ezines because there’s a stupid, crazy, easy yes offer on the video too…hmmmm, how many of you will see it???????

Now, besides the super cool special offer (for $97!) on the video today, there is something else I wanted to bring to your attention.
I decided to hold a SUMMER SCHOOL type of thing where I’ll be doing a series of 4 ONE-DAY Mini Mastermind Meetings (in person).
The June 20th one is already SOLD OUT.
But I’ve still got spots open for:
  • Friday, July 25th from 10-3
  • Wednesday, August 27th from 10-3 
  • Monday, September 22 from 10-3
They will all be held in the greater Sacramento or Roseville, CA areas, exact meeting locations will be sent only to those who register. Contact me now if you’re interested in one of those spots. Max 10 people per date and they are filling up – oh and they’re $250 for the whole day with me too or discounted if you do more than one!

Please let me know how I can support you in growing, marketing and monetizing your business!

I’d love to hear your feedback and take aways from the video!

Katrina Sawa

The JumpStart Your Biz Coach, Speaker &

Author of the book, Love Yourself Successful


“Kicking YOU and YOUR Business Into High Gear to Create Your Happiest Life Ever Full of lots of LOVE & MONEY!”

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